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Items needed:

2 - 3 inch wide 6-foot-long tensor bandages

1 - Jar (approximately 1 liter)

Epsom salt

Saran wrap



Fill the jar 2/3 full with hot water and add Epsom salt until it does not dissolve anymore. (This is called a saturated solution)


Take one of the tensor bandages and put it into the solution. Take it out of the solution and wring it out. (Keep your solution as you will use it again)

Take the soaked bandage and wrap it around your knee.


Take the saran wrap and wrap it around the wet tensor.


Wrap the dry tensor over the saran wrap. This will keep the saran wrap tensor in place.


Leave overnight.


Remove the tensor.


Rinse the wet tensor. (To remove the inflammatory agents that have been pulled out of the injured area by the Epsom salt)


Dry out the tensor.


Repeat nightly until the injured area has stopped swelling.

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