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Maike moved to Winnipeg, MB in 2004 from Germany, and graduated from Churchill High School with honors in 2007.

She has been back to Germany 6 times since moving here to visit her Grandpa and other family.

She moved to Morden in early 2015 and became a part of the Morden Chiropractic Centre family in October 2015.


She is head of the private insurance department, head of the transcription department and keeps the exam & x-ray room running smoothly.

She loves the interaction she gets with the patients and is always up for a conversation.


Maike is fluent in High German and English.


Maike enjoys spending time with her husband Jonathan, her family and friends, cuddling with her Pug Belle and her cat Diesel. She enjoys riding her Motorcycle or driving one of their “special” VW's.

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